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‘A great plot, endearing characters, exotic locations and plenty of twists and turns’ Irish Independent

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Helen Devine is one of the UK’s most successful lingerie designers. Her luscious creations have spiced up the love life of many a grateful woman and sealed the deal on many a budding romance. So why is her own love life such a disaster? She’s a sexy, confident woman: surely the right man for her must be out there somewhere?

Helen’s best friend Poppy, a great believer in Synchronicity, urges Helen to trust in fate. As a level-headed businesswoman, Helen prefers to trust in herself. Besides, she feels Poppy needs to practise what she preaches . . .

Then a series of strange coincidences during a business trip to Hong Kong and a once-in-a-lifetime holiday in Vietnam causes Helen to think twice. From the city lights of Hong Kong to the majestic rock-formations of Halong Bay and the smoky jazz clubs of Hanoi, it looks like fate might at last be lending her a helping hand in finding The One.

Perhaps Poppy might be onto something after all? On the other hand, maybe the road to happiness leads back to where they started from . . .


Praise for The Lingerie Designer

‘Dublin’s own Candace Bushnell’ – Evening Herald

‘A promising debut. Funny and Insightful’ The Irish Examiner

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