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All goods are designed in Howth, Co. Dublin, Ireland.



I chose fabrics based on their beauty, softness, sustainability and wearability rating. With care, your scarf will be a keepsake you can enjoy for years. Both silk and modal are a favourite for underwear because of their softness and breathability. Silk has excellent thermal conductivity and high abrasion resistance. Modal has high moisture wicking abilities. Both are biodegradable.

Silk is a natural fibre that will biodegrade. Mulberry leaves that the silkworms feed on use few pesticides or fertilisers. 
Our dyes used are DuPont® Artistri® OEKO-Tex 100 Standard. 

Is made from beech tree cellulose. Beech trees are regenerative and don’t use much water to grow. Modal is fully biodegradable. 
Our dyes used are DuPont® Artistri® OEKO-Tex 100 Standard.


Based on my previous experience of buying fabrics and garments from the Far East, I have first hand knowledge of how importing goods impacts carbon footprint, water wastage, dyes in the environment and discarded clothes ending up in landfill. We always carried out factory inspections and all our fabrics were Oeko-Tex certified. We bought our raw materials from Europe where possible, and manufactured in our own factory in the East Wall area of Dublin until 2006. 

While we were always mindful of labour conditions, care for the environment, now we have much more knowledge and awareness. My aim with Siobhán McKenna Studio and our scarves is to have as low an impact on the environment as possible and to find the best packaging option too – one that gives our customer a great unboxing experience while using as little plastic as possible too.


Our scarves are made in Lake Como, Italy and bear the genuine and coveted ‘Made in Italy’ label. Our producer has a long history and excellent reputation for their production of scarves. Lake Como is the jewel in the crown of European silk products. When I was supplying multinational chain retailers, I visited textile designers in Lake Como and dreamed one day, I could design something with such beautiful fabrics. When I came up with the concept for Siobhan McKenna Studio, the first thing I did was return to Como (being 2020, it had to be virtual!) I knew the craftsmanship would be second to none. 

By buying as close to home as possible we’ve reduced carbon footprint both from the shipping of the goods and factory visits – whenever travel does open up again.


We are striving to keep our packaging as eco-friendly as possible, with the aim to get to zero plastic and avoid over-sized boxes. Please bear with us! Any plastic used in your delivery has been repurposed. Most of the packaging is either recycled and is/or recyclable. If you do not require a gift box, please email us.



I didn’t choose any of the above to tick a box for sustainable/ slow fashion. I chose it because I care about our planet and you – the person wearing the product should you decide to purchase.  My long experience of the traditional clothing manufacture model meant I had insight to potential pitfalls, which I could avoid. I may have missed something in the packaging – but I can assure you I put weeks of research into it to come up with the best solution. I will strive to keep improving.


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