The Pirate Queen – Grace O’Malley

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Be Brave, Know Your Worth

Connaught woman, Grace O’Malley – Ireland’s Pirate Queen is the first of the legendary female archetypes in the SMKStudio collection. The Rebel comes to mind but Grace was so much more than that. She was courageous, powerful, independent, a mother.

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Pirate Queen Silk Scarf by Siobhán McKenna. Inspired by Grace O’Malley. Made by Italian silk artisans in Lake Como

The theme 

Passionate, Strong, Free-spirited Woman. 

Wild and Beautiful – just like Ireland itself.   


Red, passion, root support 

Orange, creativity, vital energy, compassion 

Yellow,  self-esteem, trust in self, confidence 

Purple: Royalty, high vibration, connection to your higher power, free spirit 

The Design

A mythical image, with billowing silk gown, represents that Grace wore a gown when meeting Queen Elizabeth 1. The pillars are the actual gate pillars of Howth Castle, which remain open to this day. In the background is the sea and Ireland’s Eye, though it could represent Clare Island where Grace is buried. 

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Size: Square 90 cms X 90 cms

Composition: 100% Silk 

Care: Dry Clean Only 

Finish: Hand/Machine rolled

Made in Lake Como, Italy 

Price: €120 

Includes gift box, card and envelope 


More about Grace O’Malley

Legend has it that in 1593, Grace was returning home after her meeting with Queen Elizabeth 1, where they had conversed in Latin – the only language they mutually shared. Grace had worn a fine gown for the meeting and had refused to curtesy for the Queen as she did not recognise Grace as Queen of Ireland. The Journey from London to Clew Bay in Mayo would have been a long one and Grace stopped in Howth to replenish supplies and perhaps seek hospitality in the castle, as is Irish custom. But the gates were locked and she was refused entry. Grace was outraged by the Lord of Howth not respecting the Irish custom of offering refuge for those who sought it. On her way back to her ship she came across the Lord’s Grandson and kidnapped him, bringing him back to Connaught with her. When asked what her ransom was for his safe return, she asked that the gates of Howth Castle never be closed to a stranger again and that an extra place be set at the dinner table each evening should an expected guest arrive. The boy was returned unharmed and to this day the gate of Howth Castle always remain open. 

1 review for The Pirate Queen – Grace O’Malley

  1. Caterina Rossi

    Just got “Pirate Queen” for Xmas.
    I immediately felt in love with the colors and the quality of the silk! I love it

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