The Island – Ireland’s Eye


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Ireland’s Eye has some kind of magical draw. I see it every day and yet it still stops me with its beauty. The island shape shifts appearing to change within minutes and depending on your point of view. Similar to many islands close to the Irish coast, yet unique – just like the Isle of Ireland herself. As clouds roll over its rocky profile, Martello Tower on one side, a formation of rocks on the other, known as The Stack.  When flying into Ireland (this being 2020, it’s been a while!), I love coming in over Ireland’s Eye, and I know in my heart I’m Coming Home.

The vibrant blues of ‘Reflections’ are uplifting while the rocks and greenery of the island in the centre of the image are grounding. The Modal Silk combination give lightweight warmth in cooler temperatures without adding bulk – perfect for anyone who can’t wear wool. The fabric is breathable for warmer temperatures too, making this scarf wearable all year round and in various climates.

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Reflections Scarf in a luxury modal by Siobhan McKenna. Captures the beautiful landscape of Ireland’s Eye.

The island reminds me to pause and reflect. From the beach in Howth, the view of the island and the sound of the waves lapping against the shore helps us connect with the primordial sights and sounds and our own inner voice. The freedom of the birds in flight, clouds rolling by – some light and wispy, others billowing and dark – one after another. Ever changing. Yet constant.

Reflect, Listen, Connect, Speak Your Truth.

Let the mystical beauty of the island wrap you in it’s reflections, its ever changing landscape connecting you to your own inner voice.

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