The Bridge – Connection – Samuel Beckett


Samuel Beckett Bridge – Dublin 

A bridge conjures many meanings. Often associated with connection and crossing over a divide.

The Samuel Beckett, named after the famous Dublin writer crosses over the River Liffey, connecting North and South Dublin. It resembles a Harp, the national symbol of Ireland, resting on its side. A musical instrument and remembrance of one of our finest writers, joins together Ireland’s rich heritage of music and the written word. From traditional ballads to the modern rock of U2. Beckett, Joyce to Banville to name but a few. This is why I chose ‘Write Your Own Melody’ to describe this picture. 

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Sleeping Harp Silk Scarf by Siobhán McKenna. Write Your Own Melody

During the lockdown of 2020, I’d bring dinners over to my uncle who was cocooning in Ranelagh. I loved driving down Sheriff Street, close to where our old clothing factory used to be. Passed the St Lawrence O’Toole Church, and across the Liffey to, Grand Canal. Traditional and Modern Dublin joined by the bridge. In this image, I’ve highlighted the distinctive spire of the church named after the 12th century Irish Saint. This is my favourite part of Dublin. It reminds me of my own past. This scarf symbolises Ireland, old and new, music, playwrights, literature, Saints and Scholars.  

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Composition: 100% Silk

Size: 68X180cms 

Care: Dry clean only 

Finish: Hand/Machine Flat Hem 

Made in Lake Como, Italy 

Price: €120 

Includes gift box, card and envelope

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