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Meditation is often a topic of mystery. I first dabbled in meditation in the nineties. It didn’t go well. At the time I desperately wanted to escape my youthful raging thoughts that had me bouncing off walls. I found the meditation on offer then too formal, restrictive. More rules, more Must Do when it was the Must Do I was running from. What I was after, I see now looking back, was a sense of connection on a deeper level, a portal to access my inner calm.

Fast forward twenty years and I was ready to give it another go. This time with Primordial Sound Meditation (PSM). It resonated. I’ve since practised other forms of meditation, particularly mindfulness, which has become part of my daily life.


We all know the research about the benefits of meditation, yet it still eludes many of us. My teaching method is to find what works for you. I have a ‘Box of Tools’ from stress management skills to breathing techniques, to self-care techniques you can integrate into your life to feel less reactive, more reflective. And more contented.

Whether you feel the draw of a deep spiritual practice or just want to feel better in yourself and in your relationships, there are many options open to you – no mystery. Backed by research and scientific studies, but ultimately, backed by feeling rejuvenated and glowing. You’re not here just to get through life – you can learn to reconnect to its joy.

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