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Lambay Island Retreat May 19th – 21st 2023 

The Power House team, Jessy Babin of Enlightened Pilates, Malahide and Nina Paavola of Bliss Pilates, Paris have meticulously planned, researched, created a unique and immersive retreat on the private island of Lambay.  I’m delighted to be their meditation specialist.

Our group meditation will celebrate the New Moon and the Celtic goddess of wisdom, water, wind, nature and regeneration, Danu.  It will culminate the health, healing, laughter and connection to nature and reconnecting with ourselves that the weekend promises to hold. 

There will also an opportunity for guests to receive their own personal birth star mantra in a one to one session with Siobhán. This is a sacred ceremony and your birth mantra stays with you for a lifetime.

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