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You may have heard a trend for 2022 is *Dopamine Dressing – wearing colours that make you happy. Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and other major fashion publications explain why colour is so important in our wardrobes – and our lives. 

I don’t design for seasons or fads but I do keep an eye on colour palettes.

This term Dopamine Dressing resonated with me when I first heard it during Premiere Vision colour forecast in 2021. Bright colours filled by screen as the presenter said ‘Orange and purple will be the stand out colour combination of 2022.’ I love this combo. 

 I knew my next set of designs would be about hope because I needed it myself.

The continuing lockdowns were literally bringing me down. I felt despair taking up residence and gaining ground. As always I looked to nature for solace – moody clouds, a striking sunset, powerful rocks, a delicate winter flower. 

When we had our clothing factory in East Wall near Dublin’s inner city, I loved nothing more than the view of Dublin Bay was I drove into work.

From the birds of the Bull Wall, to the promenade in Clontarf with its distinctive green bathing shelters and olde-world streetlights. I still love it – it brings me comfort. 

When training as a Chopra instructor in Ayurveda for well-being

One of the lessons on Mind Body Spirit health was the creative use of colour. From eating a balanced diet through ‘eating a rainbow of foods’ to choosing colours for our homes and workspace to the colours we wear – how they effect our mood and the mood of others we meet. This could be related to our mind/body type (dosha) or how we how we would like to feel that day for example bold, bright, strong, enlivened. The fusion of colours it what would become The Happiness Scarf combine this element of wellness but ultimately fun. I hope the wearer will feel this positive energy with each wear. The scarf’s colours were chosen based on how they made me feel – uplifted and happy. The fashion aspect that I learned about some months later, well, that’s just a pleasant bonus. 

As an aside, one of my first designs was the Baily Lighthouse in Howth, re-imagined. A Lighthouse symbolises, amongst other things, the light of hope. That scarf continues to be a best-seller as it brightens pale complexions and makes people smile.

*Dopamine is a feel-good hormone associated with pleasure and motivation. Emotions that we feel when we are happy.

Purple, orange, pink wrapped up silk scarf