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Siobhan McKenna and Deepak Chopra

It’s a time of year we naturally want to hibernate but continuing lockdowns brings extra challenges. If you’re someone who naturally prefers the company on a one to one basis rather than enjoying large groups, the current climate may have turned you more insular.

Even the more sociable amongst us may be experiencing social anxiety for the first time.

World renowned leader in Mind/ Body health, Deepak Chopra, M.D., put together the following tips to help us overcome feelings of isolation. Simple, yet effective.

8 Ways to Deepen Your Connection to Others – Deepak Chopra, M.D.

  • Share heartfelt smiles often
  • Make eye contact
  • Schedule quality time. Turn off your phone
  • Listen intently. Be present
  • Demonstrate your love
  • Communicate openly and compassionately
  • Understand that others act from their level of awareness
  • Practice authenticity and vulnerability

Keep the above in mind at home, with friends, and even passing strangers while out walking – your smile might just make a difference to someone’s day. #connection #lockdown #relationships #socialanxiety #mindfulness #howthmeditation #perfecthealth.ie